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Much of the information contained within the links on this page is unique to this site. This page presents links to several spreadsheets meant to illustrate the political leanings of the citizens of Mendocino County by precinct and district. Additionally, information has been gathered to help local citizens learn their precinct and district numbers, the names of their county representatives, the positions of public officials on specific issues, the sources of county revenue and how it is spent, major land owners including a click-on map, regional histories, natural resources and an Events and Bite Size Facts database in which you can add information. Please contact us if you would like to help update the linked pages below.

Mendocino County - Miscellaneous Information

All sorts of information about the county: Size, population, employment, voter registration by party and turnout, zip code and towns,elected and appointed representatives, judges, census tract and business data.

Mendocino County - Natural Resources and the Environment

Information on the forest lands, forest practices and forest owners in the County.(also see who owns Mendo.) Soon to come: information on ocean and fresh water fisheries; wildlife and County botany.

Mendocino County - Precincts - Districts - Supervisors and Commissioners

Not sure of your precinct, district or the names of your county representatives on the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission? This chart will help you locate this information using your locale and zip code as the point of orientation.(also see Supervisors District Map in link below)

Mendocino County Supervisorial Districts Map

A map of the county showing the five districts represented by the elected Board of Supervisors, including the current elected official serving each district.

Analysis of Congressional Race Hamburg vs Riggs, 1994 Election, in Mendocino County

Which precincts in Mendocino County had the greatest show of support for Dan Hamburg in his bid for Congress in 1994? To some extent, this race shows pro-environment areas of the county; Hamburg was very pro-environment, Riggs the opposite.

Analysis of Proposition 197 (Mountain Lion Hunting), 1996 Primary, in Mendocino County

In 1996 voters in Mendocino County and the state of California voted to continue to protect the state's small, surviving population of mountain lions from being hunted down to even fewer numbers. This spreadsheet shows how the precincts of Mendocino County voted on the issue.

Analysis of Votes Cast by Party, March 1996, Presidential Primary Election in Mendocino County

Learn about the strength of each of nine political parties in the municipalities and Supervisorial districts of Mendocino County.

Analysis of State Proposition #4 (Trapping Practices Ban), 1998 General Election, in Mendocino County

State Proposition #4 from the 1998 General Election was designed to prohibit the use of two poisons (Compound 1080 and sodium cyanide) and several specified traps (such as steel-jawed leghold traps and snares) to be used in the hunting of furbearing mammals. Want to find out how the voters from the different precincts of Mendocino County voted? Check this chart for final vote results.

Transient Occupancy Taxes in Mendocino County

Mendocino County hotels and inns are required to collect a Transient Occupancy Tax from their guests. Consult this spreadsheet to learn more about the funds collected and their sources. This should be on the County web site but was not so we had to construct the web page from hardcopy data available in the County offices in Ukiah.

Taxes and Other Income Sources for the Mendocino County Government

This page shows a line by line look at where the County gets it's money. This should be on the County web site but was not so we had to construct the web page from hardcopy data available in the County offices in Ukiah.

The Proposed Budget for Mendocino County

This page shows a County department by department look at what they expect to spend and receive (fees, state funds, fines,taxes). This should be on the County web site but was not so we had to construct the web page from hardcopy data available in the County offices in Ukiah (changed to spreadsheets from a 400 page book).

Know About The Candidates And Elected Officials In Mendocino County

The above link takes you to the web site KnowTheCandidates.org, which has a section on Mendocino County candidates and elected officials. Once at the Site, click-on the Site Map and Evaluations - Mendocino County. (Also see Elected Officials below for addition information).

Mendocino County Elected Officials

All the elected offices in the County: term, salary, filing dates, requirements,appointments. (also see evaluations above).

Who Owns Mendocino County

An attempt to list all the major owners of land in Mendocino County, watershed by watershed and town by town. The page includes a click-on map of the county dividing the ownership data into 23 regions.

History of Mendocino County Regions by Local Writers

Local regional histories, both non-controversial and "tell it like it is" history essays.

Mendocino County Facts Database Submitted by this Website's Users

You can submit a fact and have it displayed on this web site

Mendocino County Events Calendar; Events Submitted by this Websites Users

You can submit events that will occur in the county and have them displayed


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