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Mendocino County - Local Regions and Cities
Explore the following list of web sites for towns and cities in Mendocino County. Several of the sites are official web pages created for local governments. Some of the smaller towns are represented by web pages designed by concerned citizens, or local organizations.

Anderson Valley California - Home Page

A non-profit page serving the communities of Yorkville, Boonville, Philo, and Navarro. Once completed, the intention of the designers of this page is to seek to bring the businesses, residents, community groups and visitors together to share information about the Anderson Valley. The following subjects will be covered ): Dump and Recycle; Local Radio Station; Local Newspaper; Community groups; Pubilc Transporation; Ham Radio; Top Stories; and Public Meetings.

Caspar Commons - Home page

This site was designed by a concerned citizen wanting to protect the quality of life in Caspar. A great source of information about usage plans for the forest on the eastern border of Caspar. Be sure to check out the Caspar library: Index, and click on Rachel's: Sustainable Development - part 1 and Fed Up With Sprawl while on this page!


This site is another concerned citizens site for the town of Elk and the surrounding region.

Point Arena City Home Page
The city's home page has a nice picture and says coming soon?

Fort Bragg City Government

The official site for the City - the Government page will lead you to the the City Council page which lists the names and voice mail numbers for the Mayor and the Councilmembers.This page also gives an overview of the City Council Procedural Rules and structural hierarchy. If you're interested in learning the schedules of various city committee meetings then the Public Meetings link will be helpful. The Services page lists the names of officials from the Fort Bragg Service Departments, as well as a description of the duties of each department.

Gualala Municipal Advisory Council Minutes - Archive

This is a subpage of the Mendocino County Planning and Building Services Department. It contains the mailing address for the Gualala Municipal Advisory Council and links to the minutes of the council meetings that have occurred within the past six months.

The Laytonville Home Page

A non-government sponsored web site, there is some useful information here about the functions of a Municipal Advisory Council, and how to form one. Unincorporated areas in Mendocino County can increase their representation in local government by establishing a Municipal Advisory Council (MAC).

City of Ukiah

A very basic site which lists Administrative Information for the City of Ukiah ( including the names and term dates for the Mayor and City Councilmembers ). There is also a list of City Directors/Managers; Meeting Dates and Times for City Commissions and Committees; and a telephone directory for City Offices.

Ukiah onLine - Demographic Information

This is a non-governmental site with statistical information on the Geography, Climate, Population, Industry, and Labor force of Ukiah.

Willits Community & Demographic Profile

Another non-governmental web site, this one is presented by the local Chamber of Commerce; so there isn't much information about the workings of the city government but it is possible to learn more about some of the following aspects of the area: History and Community; Location, Elevation and Climate; Population and Housing Costs; Labor Force, Jobs by Industry and Personal Income; Unemployment Rate and Jobs by Occupation; Ethnic Origin; Schools, Colleges and Education; Government, Taxes and Utilities; Transportation and Public Safety; Commercial and Industrial Overview.

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