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Getting to know the community, of course, involves far more than becoming familiar with the workings of local government. Anyone who has had to struggle against governmental forces knows that huge amounts of vital and relevant information are either never obtained by their government agencies, or these agencies do not make this information easily available to the citizenry that they supposedly represent. That's where citizen action groups and organizations play one of their most important roles. This page intends to support the work of those organizations and groups who strive to maintain a sustainable quality of life, educate the populace to the destruction and loss of their priceless natural environment, protect the animals, and/or change the institutions that cannot see beyond their own self-interests.

If your group fits within this web site's intent and you would like it listed, please send the name and the groups URL and a couple of sentences about it and we will post it on this page. Below are some groups which we have some familiarity and who have a web site this list is followed by user submitted list of sites.

Listed Alphabetically:

Alliance for Democracy - Mendocino County Redwood Coast Chapter
Alliance chapter information and links; plus the somewhat nationally famous City of Point Arena ...corporations should not be consider persons, legally and ethically .....resolution with explainations.

Burning Issues/Clean Air Revival
This is a national organization with their main offices in Point Arena, CA on the Mendocino Coast. The groups main area of expertise is on the health problems associated with wood smoke.

California North Coast House Rabbit Society
The House Rabbit Society, located in Fort Bragg, is an all volunteer, non-profit rabbit welfare organization. Their primary concerns are rescuing rabbits from "death row" at animal shelters, finding loving, indoor homes for them, and educating people on the proper care of rabbits.

Cetos ( the Center for Ethics and Toxics )
The Center for Ethics and Toxics (CETOS), a project of the Tides Center, is a non-profit environmental group dedicated to protecting vulnerable and susceptible populations. They do this by providing educational information on the risks of exposure to potentially hazardous toxic substances and infectious agents, and by acting directly to encourage new policies designed to reduce toxic risks.

Dharma Cloud Foundation - Mendocino Coast
The Dharma Cloud Foundation seeks to support activities, research, and public discussion aimed at benefiting the quality of life on the Mendocino Coast of California. Areas of special interest include Buddhism, Caspar Community, Jackson State Forest, and the Noyo Bridge.

Friends of the Garcia River, FrOG
FROG is a non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the Garcia River and the intelligent civic planning within it's watershed. FROG believes the Garcia River is an important component of a healthy environment for nature and society.

Green Mac - Media Directory
An up-to-date listing of Mendocino County newspapers, radio and TV stations, and much more.

Greenwood Watershed Association
This site is dedicated to attempting to protect the watersheds associated with Greenwood and Elk Creek; the association mailing address is in the town of Elk. The site points out that the Fisher Family (Gap Inc.) aka Mendocino Redwood Co.(MRC) plans to log 40 million board feet a year which by the most conservative estimates is at least twice the sustainable yield rate.

Gualala Net
This site is Dedicated to promoting sustainable forestry in Mendocino and Sonoma counties. There are also excellent photos documenting the destruction of the forests in Mendocino County by lumber companies currently employing such techniques as intensive clear cutting; spreading ignited napalm; and then covering the burned and sterilized soil with a powerful herbicide.

Humane Society for Inland Mendocino County-Redwood Valley
Dedicated to the care and adoption of unwanted and abandoned animals. The Humane Society for Inland Mendocino County strives to provide a safe haven for displaced companion animals and enhance the mental and physical well being of the animals in their care while seeking suitable homes. They also actively assist in reducing pet overpopulation through education and neutering programs, and work to develop awareness and promote responsible and humane treatment of all animals.

Mendocino Coast Humane Society
The Mendocino Coast Humane Society, located in Fort Bragg, was established in 1986 as an alternative to the County Pound. They took on the task of finding homes for the large number of abandoned and lost animals who would have been sold for medical experimentation or euthanized, no matter how healthy or socialized they were. Besides sheltering animals, an important ongoing facet of the Humane Society is to raise awareness of the plight of unwanted, neglected or abused animals and our responsibilities as their guardians.

Mendocino Environmental Center
The Mendocino Environmental Center is a non-profit organization which began in March 1987 with the purpose of promoting the conservation, restoration and appropriate use of the Earth's natural resources. Their website also has a very informative web page that lists contact information for Environmental Groups in Mendocino County.

Mendocino County Non-Profit Organizations listed on Mendonet
Mendonet is a good general resource for some information relating to the county. Mendonet has a table of many Mendocino County Nonprofits and Organizations List, from Mendonet, covering Albion, Boonville, Calpella, Caspar, Cazadero, Comptche, Covelo, Fort Bragg, Gualala, Hopland, Laytonville, Little River, Mendocino, Philo, Point Arena, Potter Valley, Redwood Valley, Talmage, Ukiah, Willits, and Yorkville.

Redwood Coast Humane Society(South) Pets to Adopt
The south coast region (approximately Stewarts Point to Irish Beach) Humane Society consists of a small group of volunteers. Some of their functions are assisting owners of lost or found animals, fostering and finding owners for abandoned animals, funding low cost spaying and neutering of cats and dogs, and funding a month long free spaying and neutering of cats and dogs. This web site displays photos and descriptions of foster pets in need of permanent homes.



http://www.mendocinocountyfeedback.net/ Site submitted by user. This site is a relatively powerful user accessible bulletin board which can be used for postings and threaded discussions by Mendocino County residents.

http://www.wildirisdesign.com/ballet/ Site submitted by user. The Mendocino Ballet Company.

http://www.mcn.org/e/comptchefire/ Site submitted by user. The Comptche Volunteer Fire Department.

http://www.mendocinocountry.com/ Site submitted by user. This site has a diverse set of information including links to some information on local ballot measures.

http://www.fortbragg.com/ Site submitted by user. This is a general resource site for Fort Bragg.

http://www.gomendo.com/ Site submitted by user. This is the Mendocino County Alliance (similar to tourist bureau) web site. Lodging, maps, dinning etc.

http://www.mcn.org/ Site submitted by user. This is the county school district affiliated site plus local internet provider. Numerous resources links, listservs and local businesses sites.

http://www.mendocino.to/albionstatepark/support.html Site submitted by user. This site describes the proposed Albion State Park and tells how you can get involved.

http://www.mendonoma.com/ Site submitted by user. This is the website for the Independent Coast Observer, a local paper that serves the south coast of Mendocino County and the north coast of Sonoma County.

http://www.fire.ca.gov/ResourceManagement/THPStatus.asp This website is part of the California Department of Forestry website. This page is the Timber Harvest Plan status section.

http://hometown.aol.com/ozfarm/index.html Oz organic farm, retreat and conference center near Point Arena

http://willitsline.com/ A comprehensive general resource for Mendocino County with extended information about the Willits region.

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