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Information Wish List

This web site constantly is in need of new information and/or updated information:

We will take the data in any form you would like to send it. Of course, we prefer it in electronic form, such as, in the body of an email message, an attached file - either word processor or spreadsheet, etc. Some of the information we are reguesting should be available to any Mendocino county resident at the County offices in Ukiah, but we can not find it on the county's web site.

Following are some information wish list items for this web site:

1. List of appointed county commissions
a) Who appointed by and procedure and term.
b) Duties and powers.
Also see information we currently have posted (please send updates and additional requested information)

2. Data that is missing from certain geographic areas of the Who Owns Mendocino County Page.

3. Voter Registration Data as of March 2000, by Party and Turnout by district and City See current site spreadsheet.

4. Proposition 12 (Parks and Water, Air) and Proposition 25 (campaign spending limits) in March 2000. Analysis by Precinct. see Prop. spreadsheet.

5. Any current updates or corrections to County Department Managers shown on budget spread sheet.

6. Write-up on remaining County Supervisors not covered in current write-ups. see KnowTheCandidates.org

7. New web site links related to the intention of this site.

8. More local history essays. see Mendocino County Regional History Essays page.

In addition to the above, if you have other information you think is relevant, please send it to us.

Coming soon......a web database to allow you to post and find goods, services and meet people in your region.